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Organizational Change
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Continuous improvement and adaptation to changing demands requires organizations to work with the basics of people, systems, process, and culture. Using basic building blocks of communication, power, cultural values, change, and interfaces, a variety of organizational challenges unfold.

Training Topics

  • Alignment of Work Functions
  • Authority, Responsibility, and Accountability
  • Developing Leaders, Managers, and Specific Skills
  • Developing People Resources
  • Development of Training Materials
  • Diversity and Cultural Impacts
  • Managing Meetings Effectively
  • Organizational Cultural Surveys
  • Preparing for Organizational Change
  • Staff Study Method of Problem-solving
  • Strategic Planning

Loyalty, trust, commitment, and dependability don't just automatically become corporate culture norms. The way people think, act, and feel about work determines the work environment. The way people treat one another, relate to managers, respond to leaders, and do their work rests on interpersonal relationships. The way managers deal with people, with each other, and with leaders sets the model. The way leaders use power and authority profoundly impacts the way others in the work place influence each other. Imitating powerful people still imprints the way we behave.

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